FNK Steel Industries was established
by Frixos kouletmos in 1986


FNK Steel Industries was established by Frixos kouletmos in 1986

Roofing Sheets

Description & Technical Characteristics

Roofing sheets are mainly used for roofing and siding of various metal structures, such as industrial buildings, warehouses and sheds, agricultural and livestock facilities, sports and shopping centres, garages, etc.

The factory specializes in the production of trapezoidal sheets with two different peak heights of 10mm and 35mm, and in the manufacture of corrugated sheets. Both types are produced according to the BS 3083:1998 Standard. Their automated production ensures high quality. They are extracted either from galvanized steel sheets or from coloured steel sheets, in order to achieve maximum durability and corrosion protection. Specifically, trapezoidal sheets are offered in various colours with a fixed thickness of 50mm, while corrugated sheets are made of galvanized sheet metal and have a thickness of 40mm. Different length can be produced, up to 9 meters. However, possible increase in length can be made upon request.

The main advantages of steel sheet production are:

  • Low cost and construction time.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Simple construction process.
  • Easy to transport.

Geometry – Profile

Product Specifications:

A) Trapezoidal Sheets

Β) Corrugated Sheets

Meeting Your Needs

Wide Range of Sizes and Colours

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